Huzzah!  Congrats to Hubert, Libby, and Nikhil.

Hubert’s paper,Elastic fibers in the aortic valve spongiosa: a fresh perspective on their structure and role in overall tissue function,” has been accepted to Acta Biomaterialia.

Libby’s paper, “Insight into pathologic abnormalities in congenital semilunar valve disease based on advances in understanding normal valve microstructure and extracellular matrix,” has been accepted to Cardiovascular Pathology.

Nikhil’s paper from his internship in the Hugh Bruck lab at University of Maryland, “Multi-scale mechanical characterization of Palmetto wood as a template for biologically inspired polymer composites,” has been accepted to Experimental Mechanics.  Dr. Bruck’s student Sandip Haldar is the first author.

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